Available on Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant, Riddle of the Day is the small game to build bigger brains! Solve a new riddle each day that will help you think creatively. Can you decipher the daily riddle before 4pm, when we reveal the answer?

To begin, choose your platform:
Amazon Alexa: "Alexa, open Riddle of the Day."
Google Assistant: "OK Google, open Riddle of the Day."


To get the most out of the free plan, we suggest using Riddle of the Day as you’re getting ready in the morning. If the answer doesn’t immediately spring to mind, you’ll have until the evening to think about it, at which time you can say “Alexa/Hey Google, open Riddle of the Day” to have the answer revealed.


Riddle of the Day Pro Plan is available on Amazon Alexa. Fans compete in a national competition and every day unlock a bonus riddle, hints, and personal stats. PLUS they don’t have to wait all day for the answers!

View the Riddle of the Day Pro leaderboard at: www.playRiddleoftheDay.com


To learn more about our other skills, please link your account in the Alexa app.


We hope you find Riddle of the Day to be a delightful experience. If you have feedback or suggestions on how to make the game more enjoyable, please contact us at info (at) matchbox.io.