Content Team (Brazil)

Juliana Novo Gomes manages the translation and interpretation of content into Brazilian Portuguese at As a computational linguist, Juliana is passionate about the human language from the angles of description, cognition, and computation.

Juliana is an expert in cognitive research on Natural Language Processing and Understanding. This encompasses a wide range of cross-linguistic experience towards incorporating linguistic insights to improve natural language processing. As a computational linguist, she has been working in NLU and NLP tasks for the development of the Google Assistant for PT-BR and, currently, she is part of the AI and Machine Learning Team at Cerence Inc.

With a Ph.D. and Master’s Degree in Linguistics, Juliana is a Visiting Professor in the Linguistics Graduate Program at The Federal University of Paraiba, located in northeast Brazil. She has recently been awarded a grant from The Foundation for Science and Technology, FCT.

Together with three other UX professionals in Brazil, Juliana leads the Brazilian chapter of Women In Voice, an international organization that empowers women in voice technology around the globe.