Laptops down and phones away, for this animal game you can play all day! You’ll hear a series of clues about an animal, and your job is to guess the answer. But be quick: the score drops with every new clue!

Guess the Animal on Amazon Alexa is a family-friendly game, with single player mode and multiplayer mode.

If you know the answer before all three clues are read, interrupt the music by saying “Alexa,” and then your answer. (“Alexa, you’re a rhino!”)

Players using an Alexa device with a screen will see fun images and an extra clue.

Guess the Animal is compatible with Echo devices, FireTV Stick, FireTV, KindleFire, and other Alexa-enabled devices.

Possible Commands

“Alexa, open Guess The Animal”

And then choose from the following:
“Alexa, play three players”
“Alexa, you're a Rhino”
“Alexa, restart the game”
“Alexa, next question”
“Alexa, repeat”
“Alexa, help”


We hope you find Guess the Animal to be a delightful experience. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at info (at)