With Daily Stretch on Amazon Alexa, use easy stretches to gently work different parts of your body. Whether it’s during a break while working from home, or to unwind before going to bed, Daily Stretch will help you relieve those tight muscles and shake off the day!

All stretches are provided by an experienced yoga teacher. Helpful images are available for those with an Alexa device with a screen.

To get started, just say "Alexa, open Daily Stretch."

Three Ways to Use Daily Stretch

1. Request the stretch of the day by saying “Alexa, open Daily Stretch.” After the first stretch, the skill will offer five other random stretches to complete a series, lasting about eight minutes. Of course if you only have five minutes, you can just ask Alexa to stop after the third stretch!

2. Request a specific stretch by saying “Alexa, ask Daily Stretch for an [Ankle] stretch.” Types to choose from:

* Ankle
* Calf
* Hamstring
* Quad
* Hip
* Bum
* Side
* Back
* Arm
* Tricep
* Bicep
* Shoulder
* Wrist
* Neck

3. Request a series of stretches for the lower or upper body:

"Alexa, ask Daily Stretch for a lower body series."
"Alexa, ask Daily Stretch for an upper body series."


We hope you find Daily Stretch to be a delightful and helpful experience. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at info (at) matchbox.io.